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reseauLe 13 mai à 11 h, la Maison du développement durable vous invite au dévoilement de sa programmation estivale, qui propose, grâce à la collaboration de ses membres et partenaires, des activités festives et novatrices sur des enjeux actuels du développement durable. More »

road_co2Cars sold in 2013 were 4 % more efficient than the year before, according to provisional data. Average carbon dioxide emissions per kilometre have continued to fall, so in 2013 the European Union fleet already collectively met its legal target for 2015.

The average CO2 emissions level of a new car sold in 2013 was 127 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre, significantly below the 2015 target of 130g, according to provisional data  from the European Environment Agency (EEA). However, manufacturers will have to keep reducing emissions levels to meet the target of 95g CO2/km by 2021. More »

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC–(Marketwired – April 29, 2014) - In the wake of footage revealing inhumane treatment on a Quebec veal farm in Pont-Rouge, Humane Society International/Canada is strongly urging incoming Minister of Agriculture Pierre Paradis to take immediate steps to enforce provincial farm animal care legislation.

Sayara Thurston, campaign manager with HSI/Canada stated: “Almost two years ago to the day, then-Liberal Minister of Agriculture Pierre Corbeil proudly announced changes to provincial regulations to address serious issues within animal agriculture, yet the images released from the Pont-Rouge facility revealed calves kept in terrible conditions and confined in crates significantly smaller than industry norms. As part of his new mandate, Minister Paradis must take urgent steps to ensure that farms are complying with the province’s legislation.” More »

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In this post, we are going to showcase 10 Free Agriculture HTML Website Templates that will help you build a website for agricultural business. These free templates are suitable for creating websites for agro farms, crop farms, agro product markets, agricultural services, fertilizing and farming companies, etc. You can download and use these HTML templates for your personal or commercial websites. Please read the license of the provider first before using any template. Enjoy! More »

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The Organic Agriculture Research Symposium invites submissions for proposed research papers to be presented. The Symposium will take place immediately before theOrganic Farming Conference organized by the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). Co-sponsored by the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS), the Symposium organizers invite researchers from all disciplines related to organic farming and food systems, and other systems of sustainable agriculture that employ techniques compatible with organic standards. More »

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plastic-bagMost supermarkets in Montreal provides products in plastic bags. As far as I know no great efforts were made to change the situation. Only spontaneous actions to promote green bags. I usually keep a few bags in the car for shopping resistant. Once purchased can use them many times. I believe that everything starts from us, from the inside, the culture received at home and in society.

One of the positive examples we find in San Diego.

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sandhill_cranesEDMONTON – The Alberta government is looking at allowing people to hunt sandhill cranes after years of lobbying by hunters.

Alberta Environment says there are now enough of the tall, heavy, long-legged wading birds to withstand hunting. Spokeswoman Carrie Sancartier said experts estimate about 580,000 of the migratory birds nest or fly over Alberta.

“We are going to be considering this for the 2015 hunting season,” she said. More »

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Greenland’s massive ice sheet is melting faster than expected, contributing to rising sea levels.

Catching  up on the last few weeks of icy news after a spring holiday, my eye was caught by an item by Tim Radford from the Climate News Network, dated April 13th. I quote: “Greenland is losing ice from part of its territory at an accelerating rate, suggesting that the edges of the entire ice cap may be unstable”. This caught my attention not just because anything relating to Greenland tends to do that, but because the development could have major significance for the future world climate and sea level- and because it doesn’t seem to have made its way into the mainstream media at a time when sensitivity to the issue should have been high after the IPCC report. More »

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about planet Earth – rising carbon emissions, long bouts of extreme weather, development’s strain on local ecosystems, among others. But it is worth taking a look at some of the areas where humans have made progress on energy and the environment. More »

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film_cameronHey there,

I present you an amazing movie “Years of Living Dangerously” about Climate Change and its effect onto the human lives.

Unfortunately, not all things have been said. No company that impact negatively the environment was “presented”, no corporation has been penalized. Those who “enjoy” mass environmental pollution are all people of this world. Mr. Cameron, we want more!
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EarthDayGovernments, institutions, environmentalists and ordinary people around the world are marking Earth Day today.

Here in Montreal, the day was marked early this morning with a traditional tree-planting event at Parc Jean-Drapeau, attended by Real Menard, the executive committee member responsible for sustainable development, and STM chairman Philippe Schnobb. More »

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gas-vancouverVANCOUVER – British Columbia Environment Ministry staff have warned their minister that the province’s dreamed-of liquefied natural gas industry poses some big challenges with greenhouse gas emissions.

Internal briefing notes prepared for Environment Minister Mary Polak since she took office last year and obtained by The Canadian Press, single out methane emissions for concern. More »

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org-agrThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced new figures that show the organic industry continues to grow domestically and globally, with over 25,000 certified organic operations in more than 120 different countries around the world. More »

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mining-seleniumTREVOSE, Pennsylvania – Anglo American has selected GE’s Advanced Biological Metals removal process (ABMet) technology to remove nitrate and selenium from wastewater discharge at its Peace River Coal Trend mine in Tumbler Ridge, BC. This is represent the first installation of ABMet in Canada. More »

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Smoke pours from the stacks at the Portlands Energy Centre in Toronto, January 15, 2009. An environmental analyst says a new report revealing that oil and gas production has become the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions adds further weight to calls for Ottawa to regulate the sector. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

TORONTO – An environmental analyst says the rise of oil and gas production as Canada’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions adds further weight to calls for the federal government to bring in long-promised regulations for the oil industry.

The Environment Canada report quietly released Friday reveals the energy sector has now surpassed transportation as the largest generator of the climate-change causing gases.

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Communiqué de presse
Pour diffusion immédiate

Montréal, le 25 février 2014 - Une centaine de représentants des milieux environnementaux, sociaux et d’affaires sont parvenus à des consensus inédits pour rendre l’économie québécoise plus efficiente et concurrentielle, plus solidaire et à moindre impact sur le climat et l’environnement. Réunis par SWITCH, l’Alliance pour une économie verte au Québec, ils proposent la mise en place de mesures concrètes dans les domaines de la fiscalité, des emplois et de la formation, des marchés publics, de l’innovation sociale et des leviers financiers. More »

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peyalOttawa has turned down the proposed New Prosperity mine in the B.C. Interior, marking the second time the federal government has rejected the project and rebuffing a last-ditch lobbying effort from B.C. to see it go ahead. More »

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wild-horsesCALGARY – Alberta is likely to fall well short of its goal to reduce its wild horse population by almost 200 animals when permits expire at the end of the week.

Two licences were issued by the government to capture up to 196 feral horses in the central Alberta area around Sundre. One of the licence-holders says the actual number will probably be around 20. More »

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The new Agriculture Act of 2014 (referred to as the Farm Bill) is resulting in New York apple exports to Canada that are moving “at a swifter, more cost-effective pace.”

That’s the contention of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D–N.Y.), which credits a measure that is part of the new law.

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gardeningReversing the trend of aging farmers starts by teaching students how to grow their own food.

That, according to 25-year-old Dave Wolpin who runs a farm in Bloomfield, which is located just outside of Hampton. Wolpin tells CHSJ News he believes it all comes down to education, saying the first subject of the day should agriculture and nutrition.

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